Volunteer - Sámi Easter Festival

Guovdageaidnu / Kautokeino

April 4th - 13th



Join hosting the coolest Sami Festival in Guovdageaidnu!

Do you want to be one of the most important contributors during the Sami Easter festival? Join us as a volunteer and get to know every part of the show! Get out early to volunteer to get the job you want. In return you´ll get free tickets, fantastic Sami music, food while you work, good friends and an invitation to the volunteer party! It´s gonna be awesome!

At the Sámi easter festival, we need your help in theese positions:

Ticket sale

Ticket sales are the first stop for the excited festival participants. Here you´ll be greeting them with a smile and a good mood. You will help guests to exchange pre-purchased tickets or to sell them festival bracelets. A nice opportunity to greet all the festival guests! We have daytime, evening and night shifts.

Festival Café

Here you will be making Sami easter festival supercool for the guests at daytime. It´s great if you have a heart for hot waffles and coffee, so those who visit the market outside Báktehárji can get warm with lots of good food and drinks! We have only day shifts at the café.

Bar and coupon sale (18 year age limit)

It will be busy in the bar when the concerts start in the evening. We need people over the age of 18 who, with good mood and fast pace, can coupons, soft drinks and beer to the fine dressed festival people. Here you get the oppurtunity to take part of the party and listening music from Sápmi’s most popular artists. Night shifts.


Here we need nice and hardworking people who make sure that artists, sound and light crew and other musicians have a nice time during the festival. Here you´ll be making coffee, serve some food, and keeping it tidy while you get the chance to get to know Sápmi’s fantastic artists. Day, evening and night shifts.


Without the arena people there had been chaos in the festival arena! During the festival, we need reliable people to style and clean the arena. Make sure every room is equipped, and place tables and chairs when necessary. We have both evening and night shifts. Day, evening and night shifts.


We need you who want to help out before, during and/or after the festival. The festival area needs to be rigged before the festival starts and dismounted after the festival. Everything must be in place. Tables, chairs, bar and some lavvos. Some nails may also need to be hammered.


Please use the form below to submit you interest or alternatively email us at: volunteer@samieasterfestival.com

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Work preferences:

Ticket salesFestival CaféBar and coupon salesBackstageArena

Other things we should know?


By sending in the scheme you agree to work as volunteer at Sami easter festival with the terms and conditions that apply here. The agreements applies during the festival April 6h - April 13th 2020.

By agreeing to volunteer these terms and conditions apply to me:

  • Sami Easter festival sets up the work schedule for me.
  • I have to work at least 6 hours.
  • I arrive in time and in sober condition.
  • I will use protection equipment when required.
  • I will inform the volunteer coordinator as soon as possible

If i can't report for work due sickness or other reasons.
Breach of these terms can be viewed as breach of the agreement and can lead to withdrawal of ticket and an invoice for the ticket partly or in full.

Sami Easter festivals commitments are:

  • Customize the work area with your wishes as far as possible.
  • Make sure that you as a volunteer have good working conditions when on duty.
  • To have accident insuranse for you.
  • To give you one free ticket of your choosing for accomplishing volunteer duties (does not apply to festivalpass).
  • To make sure that you have food and beverages during duty.
  • To invite you to the volunteerparty and to give you a free ticket to the concert Sunday April 12th. (TBA)

We are very grateful for our volunteers and we look forward to working along side you creating Sápmi’s coolest Easter festival!

I agree to the terms