Sámi Easter Festival | April 4th - 13th 2020

Guovdageaidnu / Kautokeino

April 4th - 13th


Welcome to the Sámi Easterfestival 2020!

We have a varied program that suits families and people of all ages. It includes concerts, theater, exhibitions, market, duodji, art, cinema, scooter-cross and reindeer racing. The Sámi have always gathered during the Easter holiday. Everyone met in the village, and weddings, confirmations and christenings were usually celebrated this week. After celebrating and competing in reindeer-racing, they parted and began moving the reindeer to the coast. Eventually, this tradition became the Easter festival as we know it today. Here you can find information and the programme for this year’s festival.


Sámi Easter Festival 2020 is canceled

Sámi Grand Prix 2020 Finalists in song contest

Sámi Grand Prix 2020 Finalists in traditional luohti/leu’dd/livđe/vuolle/vuelie

SGP-Cover with new single

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