Guovdageaidnu / Kautokeino

April 13th - 22nd 2019






Every year a lot of volunteers help us create Kautokeino’s biggest happening – the Easterfestival. Do you want to be an important part of the Sámi Easterfestival? Volunteer and join us!


We need volunteers that help us make sure the festival runs smoothly and gives its guests an amazing time. When you sign up you get to choose which part of the festival you want to work at. We give tasks on a first come, first served basis – the sooner you sign up the better.  In return we offer you: Great friendships, amazing sami music and art, free tickets to the concertarena Báktehárji, food during the festival and most importantly – an exceptional party for the volunteers Easter Sunday.




The Easter festival staff need your help. They coordinate volunteers and make sure you have a great time during the festival.


We need volunteers in these positions:




It's supercool that the festivalcafé at Báktehárji will be open the entire Easter-week. Working here makes you a big part of giving life to the festival during the day. It’s nice if you like selling coffee and waffles, know a little about cashregisters and maybe even iZettle. It’s important that you meet people with a smile, like talking to people and are tidy. This position has both day- and nightshifts.




The bar is hectic during festivalnights, and we need people over 18 years who can work at a fast pace with a big smile on their face. Whilst selling coupons, soda and beer to guests dresses up to the nines, you can enjoy great music and a social environment.




Tickets are a must! We need ticket sellers at Báktehárji. This is also a fast paced position that suits volunteers who can work quickly, cope with crowds and are friendly and service minded. It’s nice if you know a little about cashregisters, but iZettle-instructions will be given.


Arena and rigging/dismounting


We need volunteers that want to work before, under and after the festival. Rigging before and dismounting the areana after the festival demands a lot of strong backs. Are you handy? Know how to use a hammer? Wear good shoes and comfy pants, because this position requires some lifting and carrying. In addition we need reliable people to style and clean the hall when guests and artists leave, make sure all rooms are equipped, and place chairs and tables when necessary.




Somebody has to make sure our musicians, light and sound technicians and other artists enjoy their time at Báktehárji. This means making coffee, serving some food and keeping it tidy backstage. Maybe you get to know some of Samis best artists? This position has day-, evening and nightshifts.




Do you have a driver’s license? Maybe even a car? We need someone who enjoys driving from A to B, and can serve as a link between locations. Tasks might involve driving artists, staff or equipment. Mostly day and evening shifts.




By sending in the scheme you agree to work as

volunteer at Sami easter festival with the terms and conditions that apply here. The agreements applies during the festival April 15th - April 22nd 2019.


By agreeing to volunteer these terms and conditions apply to me:

- Sami Easter festival sets up the work schedule for me.

- I have to work approximately 8 hours.

- I arrive in time and in sober condition.

- I will use protection equipment when required.

- I will inform the volunteer coordinator as soon as possible if i can't report for work due sickness or other reasons.

Breach of these terms can be viewed as breach of the agreement and can lead to withdrawal of ticket and an invoice for the ticket partly or in full.


Sami Easter festivals commitments are:

- Customize the work area with your wishes as far as possible.

- Make sure that you as a volunteer have good working

conditions when on duty.

- To have accident insuranse for you.

- To give you one free ticket of your choosing for

accomplishing volunteer duties (does not apply to


- To make sure that you have food and beverages during duty.

- To invite you to the volunteerparty and to give you a free ticket to the concert Sunday April 21nd. (TBA)

We are very grateful for our volunteers and we

look forward to working along side you creating Sápmi’s coolest Easter festival!